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Store photos securely, locally and privately

Me and my colleague Matti love working on side projects in our spare time. In the beginning of December 2018 we both felt we needed a challenge and we wanted to learn something new. We gave ourselves the challenge to learn, build and release an app within a month. We came up with the idea to build out an app that lets users store images securely, locally and password protected on their mobile phone and called it Sock (secure lock).

Brand & Design & Animation / December 2018

Product Differentiation

There were a lot of apps out there that did exactly what we wanted to do, but for iOS they were all paid or the app would only let you store a maximum number of images. We wanted to make a free app accessible to anyone. To reduce costs we decided to store the images locally on the user's phone so we wouldn't have any server costs holding us back. Additionally this reduced the amount of GDPR and privacy related issues we ran into which sped up the process a lot.

Learning something new

During this project my colleague learned how to develop his first React Native app. I learned how to animate illustrations for mobile using Airbnb's animation library called Lottie. Using Bodymovin (an After Effects plugin) I was able to export my animations from After Effects to a .json file which my colleague could then import into mobile app. Lottie allows for complex animation state management which allowed us to create different animations for different component states in the app, like for the password field for which we created different animations for a correct and incorrect password input.


We succeeded in developing our MVP (designs shown below) within our one month deadline. The Android app was less successful because of the market saturation within the Google Play Store. The App Store was more successful with over 4000 App Store impressions within just a couple of days. When the app was finished we needed some funding for our next set of features and that's when we started our next project:

Sock Mobile App Designs

Some of the pages I worked on for the Mobile Apps:

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