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About Codecov

Ship healthier code faster with less risk.

Codecov gives companies actionable coverage insights when and where they need them to ensure they are shipping quality code. With everything from doorbells to rockets running on code, it's more important than ever to ensure quality code is being delivered with every release.

Product UI, UX, Brand and Marketing Design / June 2019 - June 2022 / Company size: 40
San Fransisco (CA) US.

My Role at Codecov

Around June 2019 Codecov had asked me to help them rethink their Product pages. When I joined Codecov at that time the team was consisting out of 10 people, 3 years later it had grown to over 40 people.

The first 1.5 years at Codecov I've worked closely with their CTO Eli Hooten. The entire product needed a design overhaul. The product needed a closer look with research, competitor comparison, deciding what is important (and what isn't). We really needed to understand the product and how our users are using and experiencing it to iterate and increase its value.

Product Use-cases

Below you will find a small selection of several product use-cases initiatives that I've worked on during my time at Codecov.

Accessibility color blindness

Use-case 1:

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UX Top Navigation bar

Use-case 2:

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Design System Sketch

Use-case 3:

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Analyse Receiving user data is important, that's why using programs like Fullstory, Smartlook, Hotjar, etc which allow you to track how users are experiencing your product, is very valuable. Enabling such programs can allow you to see rage-clicks, deadlinks, heatmaps, movements, user session recordings, etc. This would also mean you can compare older with newer versions and see if it e.g. resolves an issue, increases value, hit success metrics and targets (a/b test).

User interviews Watching recorded user feedback sessions and attending them helped us understand things like: why are our users using us?, what do they like about our product? and what do they not understand or don't like? / find confusing? Seeing a user use your product and see them e.g. struggeling on certain pages helped us creating a better experience for our users.

More showcased product ui/ux work

A selection of the Dashboard and Portal redesigns and interactions

How we worked at Codecov

At Codecov we worked with the agile scrum methodology (sprints, user stories, roles stakeholders). We've worked with quarterly OKR's to track progress, create alignment, and encourage engagement around measurable goals. This way everyone on each team will get aligned with longer terms company objectives. For each newly designed page or feature I would write down a product specification document and a functional document for the developement team. Click on the button below for an example.

Product spec example
Robert is a strong designer, with a keen eye for graphic design and consistent brand aesthetic. He was instrumental in bringing our public-facing assets (home page, web app, etc.) to the modern era. I"ve already introduced Robert to many companies in similar need and he"s been widely impactful and positively reviewed at those companies as well.
Jerrod Engelberg, CEO @Codecov

Redesigning the entire Brand

When the marketing team was taking shape I was asked to help them for the last year and a half when I was working at Codecov. My new task would be redesigning the entire brand. This meant, colors, fonts, icons, illustrations, marketing pages, blog headers, email designs, events, booth designs, sales/investor presentations designs, reusable elements, templates, documentation graphics, video editing, etc.

My focus shifted from making the product funcional, usable, simple, seamless for our users to selling this product to potential users, by helping them understand what we do, why we do it and what value it can bring them.

Marketecture Diagram

Use-case 4:

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Use-case 5:

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Booth, icons and logo tiles

Marketing website

Selection of pages

Blog posts

Selection of blog posts

Robert and I worked very closely together while at Codecov. He crafted the Codecov brand from the ground up and was responsible for everything from website designs and motion graphics to physical assets like tradeshow booths and brochures. He is an incredibly versatile, skilled, and collaborative designer who takes the time to understand complex ideas, distill them down to their essence, and deliver incredibly well-conceived final designs. I would love the chance to work with Robert again in the future.
Jon Blumenfeld, Vice President Marketing @Codecov

Wanna see more?

Codecov logo

Code coverage is one of the most important metrics companies rely on to ship healthier code, faster, and with less risk.

Project Date: 2019 - 2022
Design: UI / UX / Marketing
Location: San Fransicso (CA) US

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Blackdove logo

Blackdove is on a mission to connect the world in a shared art experience. Art can now be viewed in an authentic way by a global audience.

Project Date: 2016-2019
Design: All
Location: Miami (FL), US

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Codecov logo

The programmable network edge that adds connectivity, security, and observability to your apps with no code changes.

Project Date: 2021-2022
Design: Marketing
Location: San Diego (CA), US

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Codecov logo

Bringing great ease to the real estate closing process through innovative technology, consistent processing, and competitive pricing.

Project Date: 2021
Design: Branding
Location: Nashville (TN), US

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Codecov logo

Customer engagement built on your data warehouse. Connect data, create rich segments, and engage customers across any channel.

Project Date: 2021
Design: Logo, Product
Location: Menlo Park (CA), US

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Nude logo

We make saving for your first home more simple. So whether you’re at square one, or already on your way, we can help you get your keys in record time.

Project Date: 2020
Design: Motion Graphics
Location: Glasgow, Scotland

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Thriva Health logo

Our blood tests give you health insights, actionable support, and GP advice. Find out what’s happening inside your body from the comfort of your home.

Project Date: 2020
Design: Motion Graphics
Location: London, England

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Donny fund logo

Donny is a crowdfunding for software platform. It’s a concept to get funding by your community and get feedback from your user-base.

Project Date: 2019
Design: All (personal project)
Location: The Netherlands

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Sock secure lock logo

This React Native app let's you save your images securly and privately on your mobile phone. We've created this project within 1 month.

Project Date: 2018
Design: All (personal project)
Location: The Netherlands

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